04 / 05th July 2015 – Munich


Performance in connection to the exhibition „apparatus“ in the Halle50
Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark / Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Str. 30 / 80807 München

Duration: about 50 minutes

  • Joerg Staeger: Moving Images / 3 channel HD projection, computer, iPad, MIDI Controller
  • Markus Muench: Music / Computer, MIDI controller, acoustic and electric violins


Photos: Johannes Maria Haslinger


In the joint performance project by Markus Muench and Joerg Staeger two very personal and basically independent approaches meet. In „ok.v00x_sOlO.x“ the title of the work series of the artists are combined.

From performance to performance the title will be updated numerically. This results in different sequences. The work will be developed independently of each other and also listed as solo projects, installations or short films or published elsewhere. New discoveries and extensions are integrated.


Markus Muench’s „sOlO.x“ is a series of solo / live performances for computer, MIDI controller, acoustic and electric violin. The basic material of the performance consists of new and older electroacoustic compositions that have emerged for different genres / media / radio: radio plays, video art and installations, contemporary dance etc.

In sOlO.x these „materials“ created, modeled and provided with improvisational elements. In each new performance / Update („.x“) is changed, the base material and appears in a new light.

The“live“ violin has while playing through various movements also the function as a MIDI controller. Thereby, it is i.a. to control possible samples also from the Instrument forth and change it. All sounds were created by Field Recording, and even rehearsed instrumental recordings. There were no industrial sound libraries, synthesizers or other sound generator used. Original sounds from NASA and sampled sounds of a computer game is an exception here.


Lie in wait until something alive wants to express its force

In the series „oK.v00x“ Joerg Staeger deals with abstract, symbol deflated moving graphics, outside of any determination, a continuum of pure intensities,
computer aided studies on the tearing of surfaces,
the terminology and functions of skin,
the generation of particle systems based on fragments of animated drawings of Henri Michaux (* 1899 – † 1894),
Macro shots of various plants,
digital footage of natural phenomena,
Using MRI scans of parts of Markus Muench’s body
numerical series of human chromosomes and much more.

The music molecularises sound matter and can capture in this way inaudible powers such as the duration or intensity. The violent, unique, rare, idiosyncratic, raging and disturbing nature that includes Muench’s sound material, becomes the vehicle for the moving images.
Sound and image material come together in the performance. Networked Performance technology makes it possible that many elements can be combined and synchronized live. Interactive interventions are basis of the performance and make real-time manipulation of the moving images possible. Improvisation in picture and sound form an essential part. Thus, the performances remain unique in a certain sense. A prefabricated material and generated in real-time sequences are fired synchronously to the sounds, manipulated live, modified and combined. The image responds to the sound, and is expanding spatial limits their original context.

The terms synaesthesia and intermediality play a formal and substantive role.

[pl_video type=“vimeo“ id=“138601857″]
Excerpts from the live performance „oK.v002_sOlO.4“
Original duration approximately 50 minutes / live electronics / acoustic and electric violins / realtime video work