„oK.v001“  2014

„Joerg Staeger has shown the depicted work on the occasion of „ Domagk Atelier Tage“ in November 2014 in Munich.
On two opposite positioned translucent surfaces he projects on each circular, constantly changing structures that seem a foraminous texture microscopically to enlarge. The images are based on physical simulation of lacerating surfaces. If the tension gets too high, the surface is torn and a new layer will be revealed.
The projectors are mounted on the rear of the respective projection. The bluish or violet light passes through the projection from the top back and appear as oval light cones merging on the floor. Entering the installation, you will be at once light-like part of an equally fascinating and inscrutable process natural-like self-organization.“
Dr. Katrin Dillkofer, Curator


oK.v001 / November 2014

Figures of thought: immanence, surface, skin, tension, violence, intensity, stratification, layers, organism, rhythm, folding, branch, encounter // 

Immanence (Latin in manere, stay inside ‚, adhere‘) is the quality of being contained within, inherent, or remaining within the boundaries of a person, of the world, or of the mind.

For me the skin is both an organic and an only in the imagination existing condition, it is a protection structure of our individuality as well as first instrument and place of exchange with the other.